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It’s Getting Closer

January 6, 2008

The New Hampshire debates last night were quite entertaining.  The republicans seemed to all have the same idea on attacking Mitt Romney.  Mitt was on the defensive for most of the debate, as well he should be.  Would have like to have seen more of John McCain talking.  Rudy and Fred did great.  Considering these are my two top candidates, I was very interested in what they had to say last night.  Ron Paul does not belong on that stage.  There was a classic moment last night when Ron Paul was speaking and the camera spanned over to John McCain.  John McCain had a look on his face like he was looking at a guy with ten heads.  Mike Huckabee came across very well also.  Very eloquent actually in his thoughts.  I was a bit more impressed than previously.  Tonight, the republicans debate on the Fox News Channel.  They are holding a forum that is sure to be fascinating.  With only a couple of days left until the first primary, there will be no holds barred.  I encourage all of you to partake in watching the debates.  They are very informative.

On a side note…to my cyberstalker who keeps creating new email accounts just to get a message through to me…you are coming across as quite obsessed and quite unintelligent.  I think you should consider getting professional help!  That’s what JoJo says!!!