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Romney’s Out…Or Is He In????

February 7, 2008

Well, I voted for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I didn’t care for this candidate at all up until the last few debates.  He impressed me very much with his statesman-like presence.  I was very interested in his ideas and past record as MA governor.  I must say I’m very sorry to see that he has dropped out of the race.  My wish would have been for Huckabee to withdraw and have a two man showdown between McCain and Romney.  But that was until I heard the speech Romney gave today when withdrawing his candidacy.  This was probably one of the best speeches I’ve heard.  And once he was done, it made total sense for him to do what he did.  Here is a video byte with a small portion of his speech…

His withdraw comes so suddenly that it’s making me wonder (after all, first thing this morning his camp was saying they would never give up). John McCain would be a pure genius if this whole plan was devised. Here’s what I mean. John McCain’s biggest criticism is that he is not conservative enough. On Super Tuesday, CNN exit polled across the nation this question to Republicans…”Who did you vote for and do you consider yourself a conservative?” Here’s what they found nationally. 80% of Mitt Romney voters stated they were true conservatives, 75% of Mike Huckabee voters stated they were true conservatives, and only 45% of John McCain voters declared themselves true conservatives. Concluding that most moderates to liberals voted for John McCain. That is a destructive statistic among the GOP. The GOP feels it has lost its core foundation with the candidate John McCain. Meanwhile, John McCain is campaigning everywhere he goes that he is truly a conservative. And now he has hired advisers to show him how to come across as more conservative. If you Republicans want a guarantee of a Republican in the White House come January 2009, the magic key will be John McCain as President and Mitt Romney as Vice President. As stated up above, most true conservatives voted Romney. That would solve McCain’s problem of not being conservative enough and I think Republicans would be a lot less irate about the current situation.  And let’s look at the big picture here which my generation in particular have a hard time doing.  The bottom line is this…say McCain gets in and has an 8 year run, first off, if something catastrophic should happen to McCain and he can not physically act as sitting president any more, Romney would be the acting president.  Or secondly, at the end of McCain’s 8 year term, the republican running for president would then be the current Vice President…Mitt Romney.  Win win situation!!!

So if John McCain were to ever ask Jo Jo’s humble opinion…eat a piece of humble pie and ask Mitt Romney to be your running mate and just watch how the world will be at your fingertips!


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Republican Debate on Fox News

January 10, 2008

Woo hoo.  Fred Thompson rocked the house tonight.  My husband and I were thoroughly impressed.  I have been waiting for him to be a bit more outspoken and nail the other candidates on their records.  Way to go Fred Thompson.  The independent focus group agreed too.

Fox News Republican Debate In New Hampshire

January 6, 2008

It is so fascinating to see how different Americans are from one state to the next.  In Iowa a few short days ago, Mike Huckabee won the caucus with a huge margin.  Tonight during the debate, he faltered big time.  He couldn’t respond to one of Mitt Romney’s questions regarding taxes and he actually looked rather foolish sing songing around the question.  He knew it too because next time Mitt Romney asked him a question he responded that he would only answer the commentator’s questions (Chris Wallace) who in turn asked him the same question Mitt Romney had asked him.  So I believe Mike Huckabee did not fare well tonight.  I was watching an undecided group of New Hampshire voters after the debate and with all of them being undecided before the debate started, I’d say about 95% of them decided their vote on Tuesday would go to Mitt Romney based on tonight’s debate.  My jaw actually fell open upon hearing this.  What I saw from Mitt Romney tonight was major lack of experience regarding foreign policy, arrogance, cockiness, lots of ego and despite his governorship of MA, to me he comes across inexperienced in many aspects.  I will say that I am with him 100% on immigration though.  Fred Thompson got an unfair shake by the control group of undecided voters.  They thought he looked sleepy and unmotivated when in essence, he and Guiliani were just rarely called upon by the commentator.  When they were asked questions though, both Guiliani and Thompson came across very well.  And in fact, Thompson is the only candidate that brought up the issue of Social Security and also threw out a plan to help save it for my generation.  He claimed he was the only one with a solution and the other candidates agreed that they did not have any solutions regarding social security.  As a matter of fact, tonight is the first night that I’ve heard about the Social Security issue in a very long time.  After President Bush was re-elected in 2004, he vigorously attacked this issue but to no avail.  John McCain in my opinion did the best tonight.  I was quite pleased with his responses and I can’t even begin to express how much I respect this man.  He did not just have a two or four year stint in the military.  He was in the military for 22 years with 5 1/2 of those years being a captured (and tortured) POW in Vietnam when his plane was shot down.  Then he served this country as a senator for 21 years now.  I think he has great experience in leading in the Navy for decades and for leading the people in congress for decades.  I think this kind of experience is priceless. 

As the days go by and primaries are upon us, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  All the candidates bring something to the table.  There’s not one that I just can’t stand (well, maybe Ron Paul).  I urge each of you to inform yourselves on where these candidates stand on issues that are important to you…protection from extremists, economy, immigration, taxation, healthcare etc.  There are plenty of resources out there for each of us to look into and these debates are extremely informative when you can look past the politicking and focus on their ideas and more importantly solutions.

It’s Getting Closer

January 6, 2008

The New Hampshire debates last night were quite entertaining.  The republicans seemed to all have the same idea on attacking Mitt Romney.  Mitt was on the defensive for most of the debate, as well he should be.  Would have like to have seen more of John McCain talking.  Rudy and Fred did great.  Considering these are my two top candidates, I was very interested in what they had to say last night.  Ron Paul does not belong on that stage.  There was a classic moment last night when Ron Paul was speaking and the camera spanned over to John McCain.  John McCain had a look on his face like he was looking at a guy with ten heads.  Mike Huckabee came across very well also.  Very eloquent actually in his thoughts.  I was a bit more impressed than previously.  Tonight, the republicans debate on the Fox News Channel.  They are holding a forum that is sure to be fascinating.  With only a couple of days left until the first primary, there will be no holds barred.  I encourage all of you to partake in watching the debates.  They are very informative.

On a side note…to my cyberstalker who keeps creating new email accounts just to get a message through to me…you are coming across as quite obsessed and quite unintelligent.  I think you should consider getting professional help!  That’s what JoJo says!!!

Whew…Iowa Caucus Is Over

January 4, 2008

Thank goodness the Iowa caucus is over.  My husband and I spent the entire evening last night plastered to Fox News watching as meaningless results came in.  No big shocker…Mike Huckabee won for the GOP and Barrack Obama won for the Democrats, just as predicted.  This is FAR from over though.  In fact, this really will have no impact on the elections.  New Hampshire is the next caucus on Tuesday and they have preliminary numbers showing McCain leading for the GOP and Clinton for the Dems.  In Iowa, McCain came in 4th and Clinton 3rd.  It is exciting to see our democracy in action.  The process in which we go through to elect our leaders is priveleged, to say the least.  It gets dirty and nasty true; but it is an honor to pick who will lead this country.  A country for the people, by the people. 

Me personally, I am still not decided on one person.  I love the morals and stances on social issues that Mike Huckabee has.  But his foreign policy views (or lack thereof) frighten me.  I worry that his baptist minister days may sway him to be more compassionate with those nations who hate us.  Or worse, that (as is common all over the world), that his very vocal Christianity may be perceived as a weakness in the eyes of our enemies and advance their cause even further.  But I love that he is a Christian and that he is so vocal about it…just as our forefathers were.  I just don’t see him strong on foreign policy and he also has amnesty issues.  I would have been sold on McCain but his illegal immigration solution (amnesty) was ridiculous.  Mitt Romney…forget it.  My poor Duncan Hunter.  I liked him the best.  He had all sorts of great, realistic solutions to many of our problems.  So now I am torn between Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani.  Fred Thompson has a great conservative voting record.  And I definitely like that.  That means that we the people can’t nail him for voting one way at one time and voting a different way another time.  Or feeling one way but voting another way (like the Dems like to say I was against the war but voted for it).  He also has a goal of getting more conservative judges on the bench which will affect this country positively long after his term of presidency and I’m all for that too.  I think Fred Thompson could lead this country in a great way.  And finally Rudy Guiliani.  He is one tough man and I mean that as a compliment.  I think he is the strongest candidate to keep this country safe.  I think he has a business mind as well and will do well with trade policies.  I think he too would be a phenomenal, fearless leader.

 However my biggest fear is that when we see how all the different states are undecided amongst the Republican candidates, that independent Michael Bloomberg (mayor of New York City) will throw his hat into the ring as an independent.  Michael Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until the 2001 election in New York City to become mayor.  Then he turned Republican.  But now in June of ’07, he officially removed himself from the Republican party to become independent.  Huge red flag for ‘I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the 2008 election’.  Democrats love Michael Bloomberg.  And some republicans do too.  I am definitely not a big fan of Michael Bloomberg.  The whole reason Bush 41 lost was because undecided Republicans voted for the Independent Ross Perot (including me).  Which landed Bill Clinton into the presidency! 

Things will start moving at warp speed now.  Every week, a new candidate will be the frontrunner.  This is exciting and yet nauseating!  All my emotions get wrapped up into these elections.  During the election in which Bush was running against Gore I made myself sick.  My nerves were totally shot.  My husband and I had stayed up to the wee hours of the morning watching as results came trickling in.  My stomach was so upset that I had to finally go to bed.  Next thing I know, I was upchucking all night long.  And everytime I bent over the toilet, I saw a blue state (democrat).  I kid you not…my husband is my witness and STILL gives me a hard time about it.  I was flippin’ hallucinating the blue colored states while getting sick.  I know…I’m a dork.  But I like to say I’m just a hard core conservative!