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Our Lives Are In Nine Hands

June 26, 2008

As these next few months get ugly with the nastiness that politicking entails, we need to remember one important fact:  who is going to nominate the Supreme Court Justices that align with your morals?!  As we see debates start in late summer between Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain, we will see their stance on issues such as abortion, economy, nuclear energy etc.  We will want to side with one or the other but in essence, it’s not actually the president who will have all the power…it’s the Supreme Court Justices.  Thank God Bush got in Alito and Roberts during his terms.  Case in point is today’s landmark hearing for the ban on guns in D.C.  That is our right to bear arms and our forefathers found it important enough to make it our 2nd amendment.  In an appalling 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court Justices found the ban on bearing arms unconstitutional.  Of course the appalling part is that 4 of the justices would think to deny us our right.  If we can get John McCain in office, you better believe that within four years, there will be at least one supreme court justice opening and if we can get one more judge in who has conservative values (you know like not killing babies who may be an inconvenience or considering marriage as between a woman and a man etc.) then we may be well on a path to restoring our value system in this wonderful country.  And I do mean wonderful country.  We live in an awesome, enduring, opportunistic and free land where people will take the chance of death to just get over here.  But we have been backsliding in morality 101.  The very thought of having to define marriage seems preponderous (not to mention what our brilliant forefathers would think of that issue), abortion, suing to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance because of one ignorant father who was offended his little girl had to recite “under God”.  The whole country could have suffered because of this one man.  You get my drift.  Billy Graham once said, “if God doesn’t judge America, he owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorah.”  This speaks volumes as to the state of our nation.  But it is never too late.  Pray for our leaders, pray for our communities and pray for our children for they will be our future leaders. 


Hey Westpoint…Got God???

June 26, 2008

Today, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit to remove God from the infamous Westpoint Military Academy in New York.  I have absoluely zero respect for the ACLU as it is.  But now, to remove God from the most notorious military academy in our country?  Thomas Jefferson must be rolling like a rotisserie in his grave as he is the one who established West Point in 1802.  This act alone would have given Thomas Jefferson cause to start a revolution.  These cadets who will be our future soldiers protecting our rights and our freedoms have been proven to rely on their faith (God being the center of that faith) when engaged in battle or even less severe circumstances while on duty.  The very thought of “an independent party” trying to come in and sabotoge chapel and meal prayer should be causing an uproar in our nation.  The sad part is, you probably won’t hear too much about this on the news.  But the bloggers have a moral obligation to get the word out.  Write your congressmen, the attorneys etc. and demand that God who was the very essence this country was founded on take His rightful place in our military academies. 

President Bush Receives A Blessing

March 24, 2008

During the first few seconds of this video, I thought to myself what corny thing are they doing with this cardboard cutout of President Bush.  But after watching this video, I just think this is so wonderful to see our youngsters praying for our President!!!  No matter what religion you are, you can’t help but agree that a nation is in better hands when the President is being prayed for by the innocent wee ones!!!

Separation of Church and State

November 21, 2007

So I got to thinking about this whole disaster taking place between my son and his school regarding him talking about Jesus and God. And it dawned on me. Our forefathers had no qualms about making God number one in all areas of their life…business, politcal and personal. Their lives revolved around God, no ifs, ands or buts about it. God and the Bible were taught in the public school system like reading and arithmetic since its inception. “The first American public school was authorized on January 2,1643 by the Town of Dedham in the Massachusetts Bay Colony — nearly 150 years before the establishment of the United States” (per Wikpedia). So are we truly suppose to believe that our brilliant forefathers who wrote the Constitution and the descendants thereafter had it all wrong? When they were teaching religion, the Bible and Jesus in school, they had actually misunderstood and misinterpreted their very own words and intent in their Constitution? But we came along 200 years later and in the 1960’s we truly figured out that they meant for God to be taken out of the schools? As I’m writing this, the ridiculousness of this overwhelms me. I believe the majority of Americans would be relieved to get back to the moral fiber our country was founded on. We should be a revolution and revive this wonderful nation of ours and inundate the government with demands of re-establishing God in school. Because of a very select few, our government compromised the very core of our beliefs to appease. Jojo says…cease and resist being “politically correct.”

Let Freedom Ring…

September 11, 2007

It’s hard to believe that 6 years have gone by already. On one hand, it seems like the terrorists attacked us eons ago.  But on the other hand, it seems like it happened just yesterday.  I remember exactly what I was doing that fateful day as does every adult American.  I was at work and tracking some stock quotes on the ticker.  The upper corner of my computer monitor had CNBC running and I actually saw the second plane hit while they were discussing the first plane.  That is the day my oldest son with special needs was “released” from his fourth preschool because they “didn’t know what to do with him.”  That is the day we were having the exterior of our house painted.  One of the painters had a bad cold and on my lunch, I gave him a Benadryl and a travel packet of kleenex.  That is the day that I decided Ashleigh Banfield was my favorite journalist and I truly did like her glasses.  These are the incosequential details that I never would have remembered had it been any other day.   They are burned into the memory part of my brain that processes trauma.  The day will be forever be ingrained in our spirits, our minds and our country. 

So today as I had a few minutes to gather my wits after driving an hour to get to preschool and back, running to the store etc., I turned on the television to see how they would commentate on the memory of September 11th.  Of course I turned to Fox News first (my favorite) and nothing was interesting to me.  I turned on CNN (my least favorite but it’s the next channel up from Fox) and again nothing that interested me too much.  And then I turned on MSNBC and I found myself holding my breath.  They were re-broadcasting that tragic day for 3 hours.  Whatever time was on my clock, that was the exact time I was watching on the tv, but 6 years earlier.  They showed the planes hit, the people running, the commentary without commercial, without editing.  It was exactly what we saw in 2001.  It was like a total reality check.  A slap in the face if you will.  But not in a bad way.  In the way that my television was screaming at me…WAKE UP AND DON’T FORGET.  I listened to Tom Brokaw saying how this will change the course of our lives forever.  That we are at war (and this was before we even knew what was going on or before any more planes had hit).  Katie Couric came on with a message alert.  She stated that across the wire they were being told that thousands of Palestinians were celebrating and dancing and passing out candy and shouting “God is good.”  I wish every station, every year would re-broadcast what happened.  Everyone forgets what really happened to us on that day.  Americans are quick to say that 3000 people died.  But the thought stops there.  Americans are known for their short term memory so to speak.  I want all Americans to re-live that day by seeing the smoke from a whole city that lasted for weeks, strangers clutching strangers, people helping ANYONE they saw, the rage toward our attackers (which seems to have all but disappeared), the beeps of the firemen’s uniforms so that they didn’t get lost in the pitch black streets.  I WANT EVERYONE TO RE-LIVE THIS.  I believe it is imperative to keep that thought at the forefront of our minds at all times.  Do not take these times for granted.  All the freedoms and rights that we enjoy and rely on in this country is the exact reason why we are so despised amongst so many other countries.  And they will stop at nothing to see that we are terminated.  Their foolishness propels them.  Their ignorance misguides them.  And their hatred feeds them.

 My fellow Americans, I love this country.  Let’s all do our part (however small or large it may be), and cling to the Rock that was essential in developing and founding this country.  That Rock is Jesus.  Jesus saw us through that tragedy and if we rely on Him and continuously pray for this nation and our leaders, God will continuously bless this country.  May us ALL be united in prayer…now more than ever!

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

September 4, 2007

My heart is heavy today.  There is a very grave issue pressing in my community.  In a matter of days, the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the country will be opening in my city.  I have prayed each morning that God will intervene to prevent this clinic from opening.  I am proud of my community though.  They have stood up against an endlessly tolerant society to declare this morrally wrong.  Each morning I open the paper to see what developments have been made.  And each time I see progression.  Whether it’s the several hundred praying and picketing against the clinic compared to the twelve (yes 12), who showed up to show their support of abortion.   My community has made an overwhelminlgly clear statement that we do not want this in our city.  And now even the mayor has stepped in to appoint counsel due to the devious way the Planned Parenthood received their permit.  They used a different name and tried to slide on through.  God is hearing our prayers and though it seems we may be up against Goliath, we all know what happened to Goliath in the end.  I urge everyone to pray for intercession so that this abortion clinic never opens its doors for one single day.