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Presidential Candidates 2008

January 27, 2008

Well I haven’t written about the republican or democrat candidates in quite a while because things are a changin’ every time I turn the tube on.  But I thought I’d take a few minutes now and comment on what is happening thus far.  Remember these are only my opinions people so you loyal Ron Paul followers…take a deep breath here.

Let’s start with the democrats.  I personally have a very strong dislike for each of these candidates.  We are polar opposites on every issue at hand.  All three want to pull out of Iraq without considering the consequences.  All three will ultimately raise taxes to pay for universal health care which is a big no no!  Actually, Obama’s health care plan does not call for universal as does Hillary’s and John Edwards’.  There’s not much more to say about the 3 candidates that isn’t already obvious to everyone (at least it’s so obvious to me…am I assuming here?).  Hillary’s on a major power trip (and Bill is doing her no favors by campaigning for her).  I think she will be in shell shock soon as it seems Obama is taking the lead with delegates.  The thought of any of these three candidates running the most powerful country in the world is frightening to me.  Obama has hardly any experience in his FIRST term as senator let alone running a country….oye vey!  John Edwards said several months ago to a group that he does not want the United States to be known as a “Christian country” by the rest of the world.  That statement is just so wrong on a multitude of levels that I fear if I start tearing into it, I may break out in hives in sheer agitation.  So let’s move on to the Republicans.

Fred Thompson withdrew this past week and he has 8 delegates to throw toward another candidate.  As the campaigning has progressed and the debates are well under way, I have to say I get more and more irritated with Mike Huckabee.  Which has surprised me because he is very vocal about his Christian faith which I love.  But religion aside…I’m just annoyed.  I think his fair tax plan is interesting and I’ve been calculating numbers to see if I would have more money in my pocket under his plan.  But I haven’t come up with a definitive answer on that.  Of course paychecks would be much bigger.  But you make up for that with a flat tax on every single thing purchased.  The interesting thing about this is that drug dealers, gamblers, pimps and prostitutes would finally have to pay tax.  How it works is the IRS would be abolished so no federal tax would be withheld from your paycheck.  So you also wouldn’t get that great rebate check every year.  However, you would be taxed a flat rate everywhere you go…the gas station, the grocery store, the barber etc.  This is why I say drug dealers, gamblers, pimps and prostitutes would finally have to pay tax…because they would be taxed this high rate on their normal daily purchases.  As a family of 5 (four of whom are males with hearty appetites), my weekly grocery bill is already nauseating, throw on 20% more tax to my total and I would probably start hyperventilating at each check out.  But in the same breath, you have the higher paycheck so if you balance your budget correctly, it should all work out in the end.  Back to Huckabee, I fear for us if he was leading our country and he has zilch experience with foreign policy.  I understand that is what advisers are for but the head honcho has to have a thorough understanding at least of the policies.  Republicans in general have stayed away from the issue of health care during the debates.  Because they no that is a death trap.  If you want my humble opinion…put a cap on these frivolous lawsuits (hello tort reform) and you’ll see diminished premiums for our doctors who in turn will lower their costs as will the hospitals.  It’s a trickle down effect that would take years to get the desired goal of low cost insurance.  But it’s a great ideology that is completely workable if Americans weren’t so greedy and me, me, me when it comes to $$$$.  A friend of mine’s husband is a very well-known and respected ob/gyn in our city.  He’s been delivering babies for thirty years.  But the premiums these doctors have to pay in Illinois are so high, even he couldn’t afford them.  So he opened up practice in North Carolina where there is a cap on litigation damages so premiums are very reasonable for him to pay there.  He flies home every weekend to be with his wife and kids.  Isn’t that a kicker????  Duncan Hunter also had a very fascinating and realistic solution to these insurance premiums.  As it stands right now, if you live in Illinois you have to get Illinois HMO, PPO etc.  And that’s how it is for each state.  Duncan Hunter suggested that if they open the states up so that people could shop for insurance in whichever state offered the cheapest premiums but could use the insurance in whichever state they resided, the laws of supply and demand (and good old fashioned competition) would automatically lower rates on a continuous basis to stay alive in the market.  On to Rudy Guiliani, I think Rudy will be done after Tuesday.  He put all his eggs in one basket by campaigning exclusively in Florida.  He did campaign really well there but he is not leading in the polls.  If he does not win the primary on Tuesday, I am betting that he will bow out.  I believe it comes down to John McCain and Mitt Romney…sorry Ron Paul, but did you ever really have a chance???  Mitt Romney is growing on me.  He definitely did nothing for me until just recently.  His forte is economics and with talk of the big bad R word (recession), he has been a shining star.  But John McCain has 20+ years military experience and 20+ years congressional experience and I think those two things alone are priceless.  In one debate he vowed with vehemence that if he became president, he knows how to get Bin Laden and I think we should hold him to that.  So as of today (but like I said, things keep a changin’) I am now torn between John McCain and Mitt Romney.  I encourage all of you to look into all of the candidates and make educated, informed decisions come voting day!


Whew…Iowa Caucus Is Over

January 4, 2008

Thank goodness the Iowa caucus is over.  My husband and I spent the entire evening last night plastered to Fox News watching as meaningless results came in.  No big shocker…Mike Huckabee won for the GOP and Barrack Obama won for the Democrats, just as predicted.  This is FAR from over though.  In fact, this really will have no impact on the elections.  New Hampshire is the next caucus on Tuesday and they have preliminary numbers showing McCain leading for the GOP and Clinton for the Dems.  In Iowa, McCain came in 4th and Clinton 3rd.  It is exciting to see our democracy in action.  The process in which we go through to elect our leaders is priveleged, to say the least.  It gets dirty and nasty true; but it is an honor to pick who will lead this country.  A country for the people, by the people. 

Me personally, I am still not decided on one person.  I love the morals and stances on social issues that Mike Huckabee has.  But his foreign policy views (or lack thereof) frighten me.  I worry that his baptist minister days may sway him to be more compassionate with those nations who hate us.  Or worse, that (as is common all over the world), that his very vocal Christianity may be perceived as a weakness in the eyes of our enemies and advance their cause even further.  But I love that he is a Christian and that he is so vocal about it…just as our forefathers were.  I just don’t see him strong on foreign policy and he also has amnesty issues.  I would have been sold on McCain but his illegal immigration solution (amnesty) was ridiculous.  Mitt Romney…forget it.  My poor Duncan Hunter.  I liked him the best.  He had all sorts of great, realistic solutions to many of our problems.  So now I am torn between Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani.  Fred Thompson has a great conservative voting record.  And I definitely like that.  That means that we the people can’t nail him for voting one way at one time and voting a different way another time.  Or feeling one way but voting another way (like the Dems like to say I was against the war but voted for it).  He also has a goal of getting more conservative judges on the bench which will affect this country positively long after his term of presidency and I’m all for that too.  I think Fred Thompson could lead this country in a great way.  And finally Rudy Guiliani.  He is one tough man and I mean that as a compliment.  I think he is the strongest candidate to keep this country safe.  I think he has a business mind as well and will do well with trade policies.  I think he too would be a phenomenal, fearless leader.

 However my biggest fear is that when we see how all the different states are undecided amongst the Republican candidates, that independent Michael Bloomberg (mayor of New York City) will throw his hat into the ring as an independent.  Michael Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until the 2001 election in New York City to become mayor.  Then he turned Republican.  But now in June of ’07, he officially removed himself from the Republican party to become independent.  Huge red flag for ‘I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the 2008 election’.  Democrats love Michael Bloomberg.  And some republicans do too.  I am definitely not a big fan of Michael Bloomberg.  The whole reason Bush 41 lost was because undecided Republicans voted for the Independent Ross Perot (including me).  Which landed Bill Clinton into the presidency! 

Things will start moving at warp speed now.  Every week, a new candidate will be the frontrunner.  This is exciting and yet nauseating!  All my emotions get wrapped up into these elections.  During the election in which Bush was running against Gore I made myself sick.  My nerves were totally shot.  My husband and I had stayed up to the wee hours of the morning watching as results came trickling in.  My stomach was so upset that I had to finally go to bed.  Next thing I know, I was upchucking all night long.  And everytime I bent over the toilet, I saw a blue state (democrat).  I kid you not…my husband is my witness and STILL gives me a hard time about it.  I was flippin’ hallucinating the blue colored states while getting sick.  I know…I’m a dork.  But I like to say I’m just a hard core conservative!

Decisions, Decisions

October 22, 2007

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was with last night’s republican debate hosted by Fox News.  I finally saw these candidates roll up their sleeves and dig in.  What a relief.  At this point, I am still very much undecided but I thought I would share my views of the candidates.

Rudy Guiliani:  I very much like this man.  His power and presence was very much relied upon during 9/11.  He has a very strong demeanor and a tough stance on just about everything.  I very much like that he also is usually the first one to laugh out loud at the appropriate times.  I am a firm believer in a sense of humor and he doesn’t just chuckle.  He downright guffaws…and I like that.  I can definitely picture him meeting with leaders around the world and making them feel comfortable but staying extremely strong on his mission.  I think on a one on one debate with Hillary; he would shame her ruthlessly (and she needs it).  Last night at the debate I was happy to hear that although previously he has not been prone to want to amend the Constitution defining marriage, he does state now that if more states start recognizing same sex marriage, he will have no problem adding that amendment to the Constitution.  My spirit though is not at ease about his stance on abortion.  Although he personally is pro-life, he has vowed not to touch Roe v. Wade and leave it in the hands of the states.  I am also concerned about his three marriages.  I do feel that 9/11 proved that no matter what was going on inside his own house, he was able to perform the job he was elected to do proudly and strongly with wonderful results.  I believe he will probably be the Republican nominee.  On a side note…does anyone else think he looks like Chicken Little???

Former Governor Mike Huckabee:  I really like the values of Governor Huckabee.  He received his degree from a Baptist college and went on to be a minister before becoming Governor of Arkansas.  He definitely stands for everything I believe in as far as a moral compass goes.  He brought up some good ideas during the debate and I especially appreciated his seriousness when discussing Hillary Clinton.  She is a definite threat to the United States economy, safety and morality.  But on the downside, I just really have a hard time picturing Governor Huckabee leading in a time of crisis.  I don’t know if it’s his gentle spirit or that Southern drawl.  But I really was trying to envision him leading our country in crisis mode (if need arises) and also sitting down and talking with other National leaders from across the world.  It’s very hard for me to picture this.  I see that Chuck Norris is officially endorsing him and I do respect Chuck Norris as well.  I do not see Governor Huckabee getting endorsed by a large mass of people to earn the GOP nomination.  I may be wrong, but this is my view and as in past primaries, you just never know what is really going to happen.

Congressman Duncan Hunter of California:  I really like this man.  He is one of my top picks.  This is a no-nonsense man.  He is extremely strong on defense, he is very informed with all matters across the board and very acute to the foreign policy.  His son has served two tours in Iraq and is currently in Afghanistan.  I am very frustrated because the press (even Fox News) does not give him or Huckabee much airtime.  They rarely discuss him and I believe this to be a grave mistake.  During the last two debates when they do call on Congressman Hunter, he gives knock-out answers.  For instance, in last night’s debate Mitt Romney was toting his healthcare plan that he created and passed in his home state of Massachusettes.  Sounded impressive at first until Hunter nailed him on the regulations of his health care plan.  You can’t pick and choose which things would benefit your family.  All options are included in that healthcare (as ridiculous as that seems).  For instance, Duncan Hunter pointed out that Romney’s healthcare covers fertility treatments for senior citizens.  Of course this is ridiculous and no senior citizen would ever get fertility treatment.  But they still have to pay for that and there are a thousand of these regulations.  Hunter would propose that Americans would be able to buy private health care from any state, not just the state they are living in.  This is brilliant!  And so common sense.  If we were able to buy health care from other states, it would drive the prices a lot lower.  I think this is just a great idea and I look forward to more on this in the future.  Congressman Hunter is also very passionate about getting the jobs that went overseas back to America.  He laid out to the American people that for every job that went overseas, that’s another paycheck that doesn’t contribute to social security or medicare/medicaid.  Also our trade agreements are such that we are not charging as much tax as we are being charged by other countries.  He vows to do a mirror tax meaning if one country charges us 20% tax on our export, we will charge them the same.  Common sense would tell us that we are already practicing this but thanks to Congressman Hunter, we all now know that this is definitely not the case.  But Congressman Hunter does not have the money the other candidates have.  If we could base our vote on their words and actions and voting record only, this would be a no-brainer to me.  But America revolves around money and usually the one with the most dough wins.  I would definitely like to see more press time for this man because he is 100% presidential material!

Senator John McCain from Arizona:  I really like and respect this man.  I think he has a quiet resolve that people mistake for weakness.  He was great last night.  He informed us of Hillary’s bid to launch a museum honoring Woodstock using $1 million of the taxpayer’s money.  His response to this was “I was tied up at the time” [of Woodstock].  Meaning he was a POW while the hippies back home were having a pharmaceutical fest at Woodstock.  He received a standing ovation for this.  I like where he stands on most issues except for illegal immigration.  He has taken a lot of heat for this but he has remained steadfast in his belief.  He has dedicated twenty-four years of service to America and he definitely has the experience to lead this country. 

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas:  All I have to say is…where did this guy come from?  He doesn’t stand for anything Republican.  He seems to have way more in common with the Democrats.  I definitely do not forsee this man winning in the primaries.  If he does, I think we all better be in anticipation of the Rapture!

Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachussettes:  This candidate does nothing for me.  He does not appeal to me in the least.  I know he has won a lot of the Republicans over, but not me.  And one thing these debates have done for me is to see this man as slick.  I’ve caught it time and time again.  I also think over time they will start labeling him a flip flopper as they did John Kerry.  He looks presidential but I do not believe it would be in our best interest to have him as President. 

Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado:  I can’t figure this guy out.  He doesn’t appeal to me, but I don’t dislike him either.  I think he has some good ideas and good points, but I just don’t see it coming together for him.  I need to do some more research on this man to make a more informative opinion. 

Former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee:  Again, here is one of my top picks.  This man is 100% pro-life and has an established voting record to back it up.  He has been classified time and again by my GOP and news peers as “as close to a forefather as you can get.”  He is the real deal.  He has those good old-fashioned values and has not wavered on his stances at all.  He has a lifetime of public service dating back to even the Watergate scandal.  I think he will be one of the front runners.  I think his laid back personality may mislead people.  He has an unbelievable strength about him and knows his facts.  National leaders will find him a quiet force to be reckoned with…along the lines of Ronald Reagan. 

Listen, Hillary will be the Democrat candidate.  She is a slithery snake.  People would be making a catastrophic mistake if she were to become president.  And I do believe the majority of Americans understand this.  She and her husband made a mockery of the decency that coincides with the White House.  I can’t wait for people to bring up the mysterious deaths surrounding their family (no one I know has had multiple mysterious deaths in or close to their families), they stole things from the White House upon their grand exit etc.  I look forward to the upcoming months and will be updating my blog steadily.  I hope I have conveyed my opinions eloquently.  Remember…this is what jojosays!