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Romney’s Out…Or Is He In????

February 7, 2008

Well, I voted for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I didn’t care for this candidate at all up until the last few debates.  He impressed me very much with his statesman-like presence.  I was very interested in his ideas and past record as MA governor.  I must say I’m very sorry to see that he has dropped out of the race.  My wish would have been for Huckabee to withdraw and have a two man showdown between McCain and Romney.  But that was until I heard the speech Romney gave today when withdrawing his candidacy.  This was probably one of the best speeches I’ve heard.  And once he was done, it made total sense for him to do what he did.  Here is a video byte with a small portion of his speech…

His withdraw comes so suddenly that it’s making me wonder (after all, first thing this morning his camp was saying they would never give up). John McCain would be a pure genius if this whole plan was devised. Here’s what I mean. John McCain’s biggest criticism is that he is not conservative enough. On Super Tuesday, CNN exit polled across the nation this question to Republicans…”Who did you vote for and do you consider yourself a conservative?” Here’s what they found nationally. 80% of Mitt Romney voters stated they were true conservatives, 75% of Mike Huckabee voters stated they were true conservatives, and only 45% of John McCain voters declared themselves true conservatives. Concluding that most moderates to liberals voted for John McCain. That is a destructive statistic among the GOP. The GOP feels it has lost its core foundation with the candidate John McCain. Meanwhile, John McCain is campaigning everywhere he goes that he is truly a conservative. And now he has hired advisers to show him how to come across as more conservative. If you Republicans want a guarantee of a Republican in the White House come January 2009, the magic key will be John McCain as President and Mitt Romney as Vice President. As stated up above, most true conservatives voted Romney. That would solve McCain’s problem of not being conservative enough and I think Republicans would be a lot less irate about the current situation.  And let’s look at the big picture here which my generation in particular have a hard time doing.  The bottom line is this…say McCain gets in and has an 8 year run, first off, if something catastrophic should happen to McCain and he can not physically act as sitting president any more, Romney would be the acting president.  Or secondly, at the end of McCain’s 8 year term, the republican running for president would then be the current Vice President…Mitt Romney.  Win win situation!!!

So if John McCain were to ever ask Jo Jo’s humble opinion…eat a piece of humble pie and ask Mitt Romney to be your running mate and just watch how the world will be at your fingertips!


Let Freedom Ring…

September 11, 2007

It’s hard to believe that 6 years have gone by already. On one hand, it seems like the terrorists attacked us eons ago.  But on the other hand, it seems like it happened just yesterday.  I remember exactly what I was doing that fateful day as does every adult American.  I was at work and tracking some stock quotes on the ticker.  The upper corner of my computer monitor had CNBC running and I actually saw the second plane hit while they were discussing the first plane.  That is the day my oldest son with special needs was “released” from his fourth preschool because they “didn’t know what to do with him.”  That is the day we were having the exterior of our house painted.  One of the painters had a bad cold and on my lunch, I gave him a Benadryl and a travel packet of kleenex.  That is the day that I decided Ashleigh Banfield was my favorite journalist and I truly did like her glasses.  These are the incosequential details that I never would have remembered had it been any other day.   They are burned into the memory part of my brain that processes trauma.  The day will be forever be ingrained in our spirits, our minds and our country. 

So today as I had a few minutes to gather my wits after driving an hour to get to preschool and back, running to the store etc., I turned on the television to see how they would commentate on the memory of September 11th.  Of course I turned to Fox News first (my favorite) and nothing was interesting to me.  I turned on CNN (my least favorite but it’s the next channel up from Fox) and again nothing that interested me too much.  And then I turned on MSNBC and I found myself holding my breath.  They were re-broadcasting that tragic day for 3 hours.  Whatever time was on my clock, that was the exact time I was watching on the tv, but 6 years earlier.  They showed the planes hit, the people running, the commentary without commercial, without editing.  It was exactly what we saw in 2001.  It was like a total reality check.  A slap in the face if you will.  But not in a bad way.  In the way that my television was screaming at me…WAKE UP AND DON’T FORGET.  I listened to Tom Brokaw saying how this will change the course of our lives forever.  That we are at war (and this was before we even knew what was going on or before any more planes had hit).  Katie Couric came on with a message alert.  She stated that across the wire they were being told that thousands of Palestinians were celebrating and dancing and passing out candy and shouting “God is good.”  I wish every station, every year would re-broadcast what happened.  Everyone forgets what really happened to us on that day.  Americans are quick to say that 3000 people died.  But the thought stops there.  Americans are known for their short term memory so to speak.  I want all Americans to re-live that day by seeing the smoke from a whole city that lasted for weeks, strangers clutching strangers, people helping ANYONE they saw, the rage toward our attackers (which seems to have all but disappeared), the beeps of the firemen’s uniforms so that they didn’t get lost in the pitch black streets.  I WANT EVERYONE TO RE-LIVE THIS.  I believe it is imperative to keep that thought at the forefront of our minds at all times.  Do not take these times for granted.  All the freedoms and rights that we enjoy and rely on in this country is the exact reason why we are so despised amongst so many other countries.  And they will stop at nothing to see that we are terminated.  Their foolishness propels them.  Their ignorance misguides them.  And their hatred feeds them.

 My fellow Americans, I love this country.  Let’s all do our part (however small or large it may be), and cling to the Rock that was essential in developing and founding this country.  That Rock is Jesus.  Jesus saw us through that tragedy and if we rely on Him and continuously pray for this nation and our leaders, God will continuously bless this country.  May us ALL be united in prayer…now more than ever!