My name is Jo Jo.  I am a wife and mother to three sons.  In my leisure time (ha ha) I am a habitual news watcher with my favorite being Fox News…gotta get Hannitized.  But really, I strongly believe in watching multiple sources of news to be the most accurately informed as I possibly can.   And that is my hope for my fellow Americans.  If there is one idea I could impress in everyone’s mind it would be to educate, educate, educate.  Just because something is written does not mean it is true.  It is our duty to look into issues that are important and utilize the multiple resources around us and then make an informed decision based on education.

 But I am also woman, hear me roar.  Which means I have lots of thoughts, ideas, emotions, experiences and opinions on every topic known to man which is where this blog comes in to play.  I decided to write the blog “jojosays” because I have found that a lot of people will often ask my opinion and advice on situations in their lives.  Which leads me to believe they respect my opinion, I hope!  And then there are a lot of times I am bursting at the seams with thoughts on the events going on all around us and I don’t see anyone in the media saying what they really want to say…very scripted and politically correct as you know…blah!  And then of course there is my household of all males which sometimes gets me thinking I should be writing a comic book or sitcom.  So here we are.  With ALL issues at hand. 

Jo Jo says….let’s have fun, let’s not be afraid to be honest with our opinions, but let’s remember to be kind as we are all brothers and sisters. 


2 Responses to “About”

  1. sharprightturn Says:

    I’m not sure how I got to your blog, but enjoyed reading it. I, too, am a mother with similar leanings as yours. I hope you don’t my mind, but I’ve added you to one of my blogrolls at SharpRightTurn.wordpress.com.

    Best wishes and keep up the great work.

  2. Erika Says:

    I cannot believe that a mother of 3 little boys would say something like that “One reason the democrats have blocked this is because of the porcupine caribou. Yes, you read that correctly. They say that drilling would disrupt the 130,000 or so of the caribou. Are you kidding me? We kill countless numbers of babies on a daily basis because they may be an inconvenience to the careless “mother” but we are afraid of what might happen to the porcupine caribou? This is one of the most backwards things I’ve ever heard.”

    I totally agree that killing babies is another problem we have to address, but… destroying whats left of our natural habitat, killing not only animals but hurting more and more our planet is your solution to the oil crisis? I dont think so. We have to find ANOTHER way to do this. But destroying the last resource is NOT thee way to do it.

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