Those Nasty Two Little Words: “Public Option”

Senator Reid, what are you doing? You just had to throw the public option in there didn’t you? Do you not understand the potential backlash this could have? The Congressional Budget Office has not only declared that private insurers will have to raise their premiums because they will be taxed under this new law, but because of that tax and higher premiums, an estimated 3 million people will become uninsured because they can’t afford their premium. And what will these 3 million people do that can’t afford this insurance premium hike you ask? Why they will turn to the public option because it is more affordable. And so the domino affect will start. Who would want to pay a higher premium when they could have a public insurance for a low cost? And then the birth of socialized medicine is rooted and grows to be a beast with a life of its own.

Don’t be fooled by the idea of medical coverage for everyone. It sounds nice doesn’t it? Remember what our moms and dads told us growing up? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? That is case in point here. A nation of our size, with the amount of ailments that plague us, you tell me, is it realistic to think we can have all people (citizens or not) of this nation covered under a universal healthcare? Sure it is! Maybe I should rephrase that question using the words quality healthcare. Those of you that are in support of this bill that Senator Reid has put forth, are you ready for the ramifications if it passes? A diagnosis of cancer and then put on a waiting list for treatment while your cancer grows and spreads? How about subpar doctors? How about the government telling you what is important and what is not important for whatever ails you??

Fellow citizens, I implore you to take a stand and do not be bullied by our government’s insistence that universal healthcare is the truth, the way and the light! The United States is all about the free market and this includes insurance companies. Let the nature of the market take its course. Let premiums be driven by supply and demand and not by government taxation!


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