I’m Baaaccckkk!!!

I honestly cannot believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted on my blog. I was sidetracked for some time dealing with a cyber stalker. But that issue is behind me and taken care of so I am here to stay and give my never ending opinions on the state of our country!

To catch you up to date, during my hiatus I had the privelege and honor of being a captain on the campaign for someone running for Denny Hastert’s old seat in the House of Representatives. What an experience!! Loved every minute of it! I even recorded a commercial and was able to hear myself every morning on the radio! But now, we are 10 months into the new president’s term and I’ve got a lot on my mind. But I shall narrow it down to one topic: Afghanistan!

Afghanistan Afghanistan…wherefore art thou Afghanistan? Oh yeah, you’re right where you have been! It’s our military who’s disappeared. As our men and women overseas wait to hear whether our president will continue on in our mission for ousting the Taliban there, the citizens of this country are scratching our heads in complete perplexion. The scenario before us is quite unprecedented. We’re in the middle of a war, those in command of our military could not have been any clearer in their message to Obama as to what needs to happen. And yet still we have no direction.

Oh Mr. President…how about making a decision one way or another so we can move on with things. If you’re going to have us not continue on in Afghanistan, then let’s get our men and women home so they can move on with their lives and start training for our defense again. And if we’re going to commit to stay over there, well hurry up and let everyone know already. What is the holdup?? Mr. President, you make us look like fools with your indecisiveness in a time of war. A sitting target with a big red bulls eye that says “suckers”!


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