John Adams…What A Man!

So my husband and I have been really getting into our history lately. It has been fascinating reading and researching what our forefathers went through to become the great country that we are today. I highly recommend the book 1776 written by David McCullough. It is an excellent read with dynamite accuracy. So when we found out that HBO was airing a 7 part mini-series on John Adams, we ordered HBO right away and have just ended the seventh week of the series. I was blown away. John Adams said in his later years that the world would remember George Washington fondly as the first president and also Thomas Jefferson as the third president, but that people would not recall who John Adams was. And he was right. I admire who this man was and what he represented so much (even though from the series, it seems that John Adams was the first recognized Democrat). John Adams’ mission in his early years was to establish independence from Britain. Mission may be an understatement as it truly did consume him. And they say the love between Abigail and John Adams was like no other. And they reflected that extremely well in the movie. He turned to her for advice on American and world matters consistently. They lived into their 90’s and ironically John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (who were ultimately the best of friends) died just hours apart from old age on July 4th, 50 years to the day after signing the Declaration of Indendence. When this series becomes available on DVD, I highly recommend purchasing this. It was based off of the book John Adams written by David McCullough (who wrote 1776 too). We are in the process of reading this book too but we wanted to finish the miniseries first.

We hear so many complaints these days about the most miniscule of things. America doesn’t do this or America does that and so forth. My wish for America would be that it’s citizens would stop to remember and be grateful for all our forefathers did for the establishment of this country. All in the name of religion I might add. Our forefathers would be disgusted if they could see what America has become in some ways. For instance, they probably never would have dreamed in a million years that their consitution may have to be amended defining a marriage as between a man and a woman. Or that killing babies just because they may become an inconvenience to the careless mother would be allowable by law. And in other ways, I think they would be so proud of how far we’ve come and advanced this country based on all of their sacrifice and hard work. So when people want to complain about America, Jo Jo says, go live in another country for a while and then let’s hear those complaints. Let’s band together as proud citizens of America and make this country respectable and proud as it was envisioned over 200 years ago.


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