Operation Chaos

If you are an avid Rush Limbaugh listener as I am, you know what “Operation Chaos” is all about.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, here it is in a nutshell:  Rush Limbaugh has been urging his listeners who have primaries coming up to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Why?  Because Barack Hussein Obama has been winning so many primaries and is fooling so many people with his word “change” that for a while it looked like it would be an easy in for Obama as the Democratic nominee.  However, the Limbaugh listeners have taken Rush’s words to heart and are in action. 

“…in March, in Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi, Republicans have been 8% of the voters in the Democratic primary, and now they heavily support Hillary Clinton. This is definite proof of the ‘Limbaugh Effect’ coming through.” (courtesy of Rush Limbaugh show transcript). 

The “chaos” comes in to effect because if his strategy works, it will be a shoe in for John McCain in November and here is why.  With Republicans crossing over and voting for Hillary Clinton who is lacking in delegate votes, it gives her a chance to stay in the race.  It will be so close between these two that they will have to go all the way to the convention date which is in August which gives them very little time to campaign against McCain.  Then at the convention, they will have the superdelegates votes and that will be the deciding factor for who will be the Democratic nominee.  All of the bickering, fighting and nastiness between these two democrats has truly affected their supporters.  These supporters that are getting fed up with the politicking are already pledging their vote for John McCain.  Understand now???  Chaos!!!

The question I have been asking myself is do I agree with this.  I know if the tables were turned and it was two Republicans fighting this way, I wouldn’t want a liberal radio personality like Al Franken (ugh…gag, gag!) urging his listeners to baiscally manipulate the system just to make their own party win.  But on the other hands, politics is politics.  It’s been a nasty process from almost the beginning.  But I know my conscience is clear.  I voted for who I would have liked to be the Republican nominee.  I know I could not have voted for Hillary Clinton no matter what the reason without possible dry heaving at my voting booth. 

I voted for Mitt Romney (who bowed out just a couple days after my vote).  I am still praying that John McCain will choose Romney as his running mate as I think that would be a balanced and tough ticket to beat.  So whether Operation Chaos has success at the end or not, I pray that the right person is voted in by what I am hoping are intelligent, not so foolish Americans!!


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4 Responses to “Operation Chaos”

  1. Mark Howard Says:

    Well played Jo Jo! For the first time that I can remember, my possible primary vote might just matter!! I sit here in anticipation of the primary vote coming next Tuesday here in Indiana. I just have one additional thought to your excellent essay. Operation Chaos is all in fun (for the right). BUT there IS legitimate reason to participate! Although I will always vote for the more conservative candidate in the General Election (although shaky, still McCain in this case) I might want to exercise my right to (in the case of McCain losing) have a say in who is the next president of the United States! Let’s say I were to vehemently not want Obama to be the next president as I now know at what alter he has been worshipping for 20 years. Then it seems to me to have a right and a duty to vote for Hillary in the primary. I should care if the next president is just a socialist (Hillary) or a socialist with strong anti-American sentiments. Note-Michelle O is only now proud to be an American, now that her husband is close to the nomination. Also note that Barack feels like ‘clinging to religion’ is not such a good thing, people should apparently be clinging to government programs that he will provide. Such slips like that are very telling. So I GUESS I prefer Hillary. The only thing holding me back is the old saying ‘be careful what you wish for’. I can’t believe the Clinton machine is failing in the primary, nor could I believe she would lose in the general election. All that being said, I think I will head into the voting booth and do something I never thought possible, vote for Hillary!

  2. Ray Kuta Says:

    Looks to me like you people have no faith that John McCain can win a fair election. Anyone who votes for one party in the primaries and that the opposite in the general are hypocrites. And you call yourselfs honest and good americans. All you care about is that you get a result no matter what it takes or how dishonest. People who do this are not americans first. You people must not have much of a conscience.

  3. Monty Ticson Says:

    I am in total amazement all the time at the accuracy of the Bible! If you bother to look at all the presidential candidates and then read Isaiah 3 you will see the truth of verse 12. Children in adult bodies; so obvious, and they being considered to be our LEADERS! But, things are going just as they should be going in respect to Biblical prophecy! The Bible also states that the last days will be like the days of Noah; “Given and taken in marriage,” divorce rates up to 60% + ! Lucifer is doing a stupendous job in equalizing countries into a global economic system for the takeover of the Anti-Christ. “Morality” is the thing of the past, just this week Parade Magazine made the point that the “heroes” of our generation, Hollywood actors, used to have standards of behavior – no more! Our churches are “bankrupt” of the content of The Word of God in their “preachings and teachings.” If Rush Limbaugh realized all this he would not get as “frustrated,” as he admits and sounds like. Thats why you don’t hear much at all from REAL Christians; they know this and they know they are witnessing the last days before Christ again steps on the scene and then the real truth behind what we are witnessing these days will become so evident. But, the world will believe “the great lie,” from Satan; they are already set up to believe him instead of Christ and His Word. Psm 119:165….Monty

  4. Renee Anderson Says:

    I am voting for the man who has always worked with and for the people. Senator Obama graduated the top of his class at Harvard Law school and had job offers Of $750,000+. He took a job tha paid less than the that of a veteran teacher salary to work in a grass roots organization, for the people and with the people.

    Yes, I want a change. I am tired of a government that cares more for the rich than the average Joe, that continues to make “the ugly american” our true description, that spends more money on war than our children, and the list goes on.

    Like Michelle Obama, I want to feel really proud to be an Amercian. I want a change!!!!!

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