Brand New Video of Barack Hussein Obama…A Must See!!!


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One Response to “Brand New Video of Barack Hussein Obama…A Must See!!!”

  1. father mongoose Says:

    I read some of your posts and i must thank you for reassuring me that America will remain what it has been since its foundation. A nation of faith, a nation with the fear of god, a nation ready to protect the holy and destroy the rest. We don’t need perversion, we don’t need disorder and discordance, we don’t need temptations and distractions from the only good and right path that has been given to us. Do we?
    I pray that lord comes and takes all his followers out of this dying world, and leaves the planet to those who actually try to use the little brain they have.
    I would also pray that, before such miraculous resolution, reason would return to those happy people, but sadly i cannot see that happening at all. It did not happen in many thousands of years, it will not happen now. And not tomorrow. Dark age has never ended, it only took a human face.
    Thank you again for reminding me not to breed false hopes for this model country and avoid later disappointment.
    God bless you.

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