The Power of the Blog

First let me say that Jo Jo is back in action.  I’ve been extremely sidetracked the last few weeks caring for an in-law in my home.  But all is well with that situation so now I have a little bit more Jo Jo time so I can focus on things that are important to me, such as blogging. 

That said, I want to share with my supporters that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is getting a little more attention….hallelujah!  When I originally started this blog I had a couple things in mind.  One of them being to bring attention to Americans oxygen therapy.  I did blog about this early on and I was contacted last week by someone at a university who had read my blog.  A student is doing a research paper on HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and turned to me for some thorough answers on the HBOT process and our results with our son, in addition to her other research such as touring facilities etc.  I was/am thrilled to be getting any extra attention out there for HBOT.  She is including my family in her article so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  I have been trying for years to spread the word on HBOT with no success.  I have contacted Oprah.  I have actually spoken to the executive producers of the Rachel Ray show several times about this subject but they ended up passing.  I have been in touch with Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete as well, encouraging them to look into HBOT for their autistic children.  I have been so busy raising my three little boys that my passion for HBOT got put on a low simmer on the back burner these last few years.  But after talking about HBOT again and the excitement of our story being in a university paper and all the paperwork I’ve been going through these last several days in order to answer her questions as accurately as possible has stoked my fire.  The world had better watch out because here I come and I will NOT take no for an answer this time around.  Our government and medical corporations have done it’s citizens a grave disservice by supressing the technology of HBOT.  I enourage all you moms and dads who have looked at my autism and special needs articles to get in touch with me and I will always answer you back.  I can direct you to the right places and give you the hope you’ve been searching for after your doctors have told you it’s a lost cause.  I know…I’ve been there.  But there is hope…there is always hope.  Hope is what gets us through another day with our special needs children. 


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