Blogging A Success

I just want to say that I have truly been enjoying myself blogging (with the exception of one cyberstalker).  I really am quite taken aback at how this just took off.  My stats truly amaze me sometimes.  I have literally had thousands of viewings of my posts and I’ve only been doing this for a handful of months.  My best day was 363 viewings.  I know in the land of accomplished bloggers this is a piddly number.  But to little old suburbanite me, this astounds me.  So I would like to thank my regular daily viewers and welcome the new ones.  I hope you find my writings, my songs and my opinions somewhat entertaining.  As my biography says, I am full of opinions.  And it is extremely rewarding to know others are coming to my site to read what I have to say…whether they agree with certain things or not.  So here’s to many more posts to come!

Sidenote:  you Ron Paul supporters are a trip!!! 🙂


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