The Nameless Hero

This is my tribute to the nameless hero in this video.  This dad (like many of us) was hand-picked by God to receive a disabled child.  I have been told many, many times over the last eight years or so that people know why I was given my son with disabilities.  People think I have the patience and endurance to handle the constant struggle and emotional pain and torment that comes with raising a disabled child.  And my response is always…are they nuts?  Are they seeing something I’m not seeing?  And now after watching this video, I KNOW I fall way short.  This video inspires me to be an even better mom.  This dad is a true hero and is a phenomenal example to ALL parents.  We all have room for growth and improvement and in the end when we are standing at the pearly gates of heaven, our legacy on earth will be how we raised our children…what did we teach them?  Did we guide them?  Did we set good, strong moral examples for them to live by?  Are they going to heaven?  This dad’s actions says it all.  God bless the nameless dad who never gave up on raising a disabled child!


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