Separation of Church and State…Again

I was going through some old paperwork that had been filed away in my filing cabinet when I came across a group of papers addressed to me from Senators, Representatives and even House Speaker Denny Hastert.  A couple of letters jumped out at me.  One was dated October 12, 1999 from Senator Peter Fitzgerald.  The first line reads “thank you for contacting me regarding the separation of church and state.”  Another letter dated December 20, 1999 from House Speaker Denny Hastert and the first line reads “Thank you for contacting me to express your support for the practice of religion.”  He goes on to write, “it is with great sadness that I have watched our nation grow further and further away from religion.  Obeying the Ten Commandments would cure a great number of our social ills.  Thomas Jefferson origingally intended the separation of church and state to keep the state out of church affairs and allow the kind of religious freedoms that brought our Founding Fathers to create this great nation in the first palce.  They certainly did not intend to remove God from our society, which is why I have always supported voluntary prayer in our nation’s schools.” 

 Any of you that have been reading my blog regularly know that we just had an incident at my son’s school regarding separation of church and state.  How ironic that I was fighting this battle eight years ago before it even affected me personally.  I have been in my filing cabinet a thousand times over the years filing paperwork away as it comes in.  And here was this bright red folder right in the front and yet I could tell you with 100% certainty that it has not previously been there.  My point to this is I feel God allowed me to see this and revive my heart and my voice (of course those of you that know me probably think my voice is revived enough…lol).  When I was young”er” (ahem ahem), I was very involved politically and at the ripe age of twenty-three was encouraged to run for a council seat.  I was extremely involved in the Republican Women’s Group and even looking at the dates on these letters to me, I was in my early twenties.  But three sons later a girl gets worn out, you know?  But my youngest is finally emerging from those terrible twos and I find myself with a wee bit more time so I’m thinking God’s letting me know I need to get back involved and be a crusader for what is right and just.   There is a saying I live by and I will share with you:  stand for nothing and you’ll fall for anything.  Let’s all be proactive and write our congressmen, our leaders and let them know just how we feel about the important social issues looming before us this day.  It does make a difference.  Each leader that wrote me closed by saying that when they are going before congress to try and pass a bill, they will keep my comments in mind as they argue for the cause.  Does that mean that they will keep my thoughts and feelings in mind as they are in the capitol?  Of course not, but it does mean that when they get a significant amount of mail in specifically leaning towards one way…that’s what they keep in mind.  The unity of the citizens behind the stance.  As we get into what is sure to be nasty, dirty politicking in the next several weeks; let’s keep our eyes and ears open, be proactive, be as astute as possible and remember…if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. 


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