Farewell Bears…

This is my eulogy to the Chicago Bears this season.  Chicagoans are notorious for holding out for their team to the bitter end (especially with our Cubbies).  But I just can’t do it anymore.  Superbowl ambitions have been LONG gone for weeks now and I have to admit, more than once I almost pulled my Bears decal off the car out of pure embarrassment.  Our Bears shirts, jerseys, hats and socks are all hibernating for the winter.  When the season first started, I tried to telepathically urge Lovie to get Rex Grossman out and put Brian Griese in…oy vey!  After weeks of Griese still trying to prove himself (hello…did he break the record for throwing intercepted passes in one game???)  he was injured during a sac, Grossman was back in at the end of the game and I must say that he definitely pulled us out of the gutter for a winning touchdown pass.  Awesome…I actually couldn’t wait until the next week’s game…what was I thinking???  Grossman played pretty well the following week but the rest of the team made mistakes every turn they made.   How’s the QB suppose to work with that???  I will watch my Bears finish the season out, but I have put my superbowl party plans on the back burner now.  So as we Chicagoans always say…oh well, there’s always next year.   The days of jumping off the couch and screaming with my arms in touchdown formation are over (my neighbors are probably grateful).  At least we can be proud to call Devin Hester OURS…now he is exciting to watch!!!


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