Separation of Church and State

So I got to thinking about this whole disaster taking place between my son and his school regarding him talking about Jesus and God. And it dawned on me. Our forefathers had no qualms about making God number one in all areas of their life…business, politcal and personal. Their lives revolved around God, no ifs, ands or buts about it. God and the Bible were taught in the public school system like reading and arithmetic since its inception. “The first American public school was authorized on January 2,1643 by the Town of Dedham in the Massachusetts Bay Colony — nearly 150 years before the establishment of the United States” (per Wikpedia). So are we truly suppose to believe that our brilliant forefathers who wrote the Constitution and the descendants thereafter had it all wrong? When they were teaching religion, the Bible and Jesus in school, they had actually misunderstood and misinterpreted their very own words and intent in their Constitution? But we came along 200 years later and in the 1960’s we truly figured out that they meant for God to be taken out of the schools? As I’m writing this, the ridiculousness of this overwhelms me. I believe the majority of Americans would be relieved to get back to the moral fiber our country was founded on. We should be a revolution and revive this wonderful nation of ours and inundate the government with demands of re-establishing God in school. Because of a very select few, our government compromised the very core of our beliefs to appease. Jojo says…cease and resist being “politically correct.”


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