Autism Awareness

When I was writing my blog titled “The Cure For Autism?”, I knew this would be a highly viewed article.  And my stats confirm it.  This tells me that there is a desperate search out there for parents of children with autism or autistic spectrum disorder.  Parents need to be given some type of hope to make it to the next hour it seems.  Unfortunately time and time again I have heard that when a parent is told that their child has autism, the doctor dismisses them with absolutely no hope and no further information.  This is a huge problem.  I remember when we were first told that nasty “A” word, I was in that exact same predicament.  The neurologist told me my son has autism and that I need to accept this and move on and then he turned to leave.  But I stopped the doctor and I said, “move on?  I don’t even know what to do now.  What do we do?”  He stated there was nothing to be done.  I clearly remember then asking him “what if we want to take our son out for ice cream or something?  What should we do?”  Sounds like a dumb question I’m sure but for some reason, that’s the question that popped out of my mouth.  That son of a gun doctor stopped, turned around, looked me square in the eye and tried to make me feel two inches tall by quipping in a tone just shy of a yell, “Obviously you don’t take him out for ice cream!” and left me standing there.  Mind you, this was a major hospital and this was the director of pediatric neurology.  My response????  LIKE HELL!!  Yes, I cried the whole way home over that nasty “A” word, yes I was perplexed and confused not knowing how exactly to proceed from here regarding education and daily life.  But that doctor’s condescending, ignorant answer also made me take a firm stance in that I was not going to let this take over our lives; I would figure something out…I just didn’t know what.

So parents, that feeling of isolation and helplessness…that is absolutely normal.  Just make sure that is your emotion and not one a doctor instilled in you.  Research, research, research.  I urge you to look into the hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Fundraisers are a wonderful way to raise money for this type of predicament. 

My son is ten years old now and just tonight, he used sarcasm the appropriate way for the first time (like how we use it all the time?).  I laughed so hard and then he started laughing.  Tonight was a good night!


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