Support Pro-Life In Hollywood

Tomorrow, Friday, October 26th, a movie will have a limited release in the U.S.  This movie is called Bella.  It is a movie about a young waitress in New York City that finds out she’s pregnant and prepares to go get an abortion…until one person she hadn’t counted on becomes a true friend in her time of crisis.  I am assuming ultimately the main character does not get an abortion because Christian radio is blasting the airwaves urging…no begging Christians and pro-lifers to see this movie opening weekend.  This is suppose to be a phenomenal movie and won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.  The research I’ve done regarding this movie and its anticipated success concludes this:  if we the people make this film a huge success, it has the real possibility of becoming a “fad” so to speak for other directors to make moral movies.  (Pick up your jaws…you read right…moral movies).  It is my understanding that opening weekend is really the only weekend that counts with these smaller independent movies.  If it doesn’t bring in the money that first weekend, the theaters will not continue to take up screen space for a movie that’s not doing so well.  So now I will join the Chrisitian news anchors and implore you to make a difference and take everyone you can think of to the movies this weekend and go see Bella.  The official site is www.bellathemovie.comThe link to the official trailer is

So have a date night with your sweetie, have a couples night out with all your couple friends, you sisters…bring all your girlfriends and watch a touching movie and go out for dinner.  Moms and dads, take your teenagers (sons AND daughters) and have a family night out and watch the impact it has on your children.  Find a theater near you and make a difference.  Every viewing counts!!!


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