The Cure For Autism????

There is a subject near and dear to my heart.  It’s a little known form of treatment for cerebral palsy, drowning victims, deep sea divers, autism, simple surgeries, lightning strikes, MS…just about anything.  It is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy (called HBO for short).  My 10 year old son was born with brain damage.  Although we didn’t know it until he was six years old.  I had a very traumatic delivery (this is important).  My son was almost taken C-section, but was not.  They stimulated his brain with scalp massage (while still in the womb mind you) and his decelerated heart beat shot back up.  So they decided to wait until I was fully dilated and allow me to deliver naturally.  His APGAR scores came back near perfect and everything seemed to be okay.  Although I will say he didn’t latch on to nurse for two days.  He tried, but it’s like he just didn’t know what to do.  But he finally did.  He was fine as a baby.  He laughed all the time at silly things.  He was talking and spelling at the age of two.  I actually remember one of my brothers joking with me that I should teach him the chemical element chart since he was learning everything so easily.  But all that stopped one day.  He was 2 1/2 years old and everything just went kaput.  Yet he became very hyper…wouldn’t sit still for anything (except Veggietales).  As time went by, I was not sure what exactly was happening with my son.  He seemed to have no idea what I was saying.  He couldn’t answer simple yes or no questions, he would just stare at me.  But yet he was still very active with normal play like jumping on the trampoline and wrestling and those types of things.  When he was five we had him tested for developmental delays.  He went to a special preschool(after being kicked out of 3).  I remember one of the workers asked us one day when we picked him up if we thought he had tourette’s syndrome.  She believed he did.  Well I was deeply offended and told her no way.  He showed no signs of tourettes.  Meanwhile, we went to tons of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists etc.  His first diagnosis was just plain old ADHD.  I was relieved because finally I knew what was wrong with my son and could go from there (mind you this was my first child and I had no one to compare him to).  Reluctantly, we put him on a medicine for the ADHD.  It made it a million times worse.  We went back to the doctor and told him so and ultimately, we had my poor son on about five different ADHD medications with NONE of them affecting him the way they should have.  This was over the course of several months.  Then we sought out different doctors who all had different diagnoses.  He has Asperger’s, Developmental Delay, ADHD, OCD, to “He’s just a boy…that’s how they are”.  We were written scripts for a multitude of things.  We did not fill a single one of them.  Then we went to the director of pediatric neurology at Rush St. Luke in Chicago.  That was the first time I heard the A word…autism.  I cried the whole way home.  They told me there was really nothing to do and just cope with it.  Like hell I thought.  My mommy instinct told me this was not the correct diagnosis either.  He did mask some autism characteristics, but I just knew it was something deeper than that.  I took matters into my own hands and researched like crazy.  For two years actually.  I was so thankful to God that we had never filled any of those prescriptions…they were super psychotropic drugs with unbelievable side affects.  When my son was five, out of the clear blue, as he started walking he stopped and his body twitched real quick.  It happened all day and I believed they were mini seizures.  I contacted my doctor immediately and we had an MRI done right away.  MRI came back fine and by the time we had gotten the results, he had stopped the twitching.  Come to find out years later, this was the onset of tourette’s syndrome (well sort of…you’ll see why later).  He was having a body tic.  The tics changed every few weeks.  For a couple weeks he may have blinked his eyes hard, then another couple weeks it would be grunting etc.  So when he was six, one day his tic was stopping and putting an arm across his chest like you would see a person with cerebral palsy walk.  Of course cerebral palsy is brain damage from the birth canal during delivery.  Something clicked in me and I feel God told me right then and there in my hallway that I have just found my diagnosis for Tommy….brain damage from the delivery.  I dove to my computer and started researching like a maniac.  Since brain damage is ultimately oxygen deprivation, revival using oxygen made sense.  I remembered reading an article years before about hyperbaric oxygen therapy…but for cerebral palsy.  I found the place I was looking for.  There was a hyperbaric oxygen center in Florida.  The neuroligist there is Dr. Neubauer.  He is the leader in this field.  The irony of this is that HBO is a very common form of medicinal practice in almost all other countries except America.  Other countries see the value of HBO and use it on a regular basis.  In fact, many clinics in other countries will be fined if they do not have an oxygen chamber in their clinic because of its being so critical to saving people.  And here’s where the irony is…the leader in the industry is in America.  But because America does not recognize this as standard medicinal practice, we charge a horrendous price for this.  For example, not much improvement in the brain can be made with less than twenty treatments.  A treatment is one hour in the chamber twice a day; so a total of two hours a day.  In other countries, the price is roughly $20-$25 American dollars per hourly treatment.  In America, it is $250 for an hourly treatment.  And because it is not recognized as a major form of medicinal practice in America, the insurance companies do not cover it.  I know in England, I was told that this is such a common form of treatment that the government has set up a trust for people to be able to pay the $20-$25 a treatment and they have host families for the Americans that fly in for the cheaper treatment.  But the HBO facility in Florida had the leader in the field and that’s who I wanted to see.  He also had a brain imaging machine (called SPECT scan) which took pictures of the brain in three degree increments for the whole 360 degrees.  This is very expensive…$2500 for the first scan when you get there and then another $2500 when you leave to see if any improvement was made in the brain.  So you can imagine my dismay at this.  And I wasn’t even for sure that my son had brain damage…just a mommy’s instinct (which one should NEVER ignore).  My husband and I talked it over and took the financial risk hoping that my son did indeed have brain damage (I know that sounded bad).  We flew down there, got the scan done and hallelujah, my son had major oxygen deprivation.  That is why he had so many different diagnoses…he could never be lumped into just one category.  His frontal lobe was almost completely devoid of oxygen and the frontal lobe controls impulse control and language production (hello OCD and tourette’s), and socialization (hello autism).  We did twenty treatments and they warned us that we would not see results for maybe at least six weeks.  And they were right for the most part but after only two weeks of his first treatment, we were getting on the plane to come home and my son turned to me and asked “what’s a personality?”  I almost fell over into some poor guy’s lap I was so shocked.  That was about it until a few months later and the bad behaviors started to finally taper off.  My son did so much better but there was still a lot of work to be done.  He needed more treatments.  So the next February, we went back for another twenty treatments.  This went even better although the results took eleven months.  The next January when he went back to school after Christmas vacation, I had several teachers, aides, students and a secretary come up to me when I came to pick him up and they said he was like a whole new child.  And from then on, things got a lot easier for my son.  He still needs more treatments but it is just not feasible right now.  Even though he still has symptoms of tourettes right now, I know in my heart of hearts because of the brain scan that it can be treated (if we ever win that lottery).    But he is so much better off than he ever was.  He is definitely like a new person.  His last treatment was three years ago and he just gets better and better.  The oxygen he received in Florida those two years will always be retained in his brain he will not lose it.

The point of this story is that I want people to have hope.  Hope will get you through to the next morning.  We tried everything for my son before this.  We did hippotherapy (which is therapeutic horseback riding), detoxed him of heavy metals, wheaten free & gluten free diets, all sorts of vitamins and minerals.  You name it, we’ve probably tried it.  But we were not getting any results.  And of course we weren’t.  Nothing could give my son’s brain back it’s oxygen except for oxygen itself of course.  When we were down if Florida, my husband and I saw so many miracles it’s almost hard to put into words.  We saw a little four year old girl that had nearly drowned in her grandma’s pool.  When she started her treatments she was what you’d call a vegetable, I don’t know how many treatments she had but when we saw her, she was feeding herself and knew four words.  I saw an elderly woman who had simple knee surgery and would get oxygen treatments to make the stiches heal faster.  I saw a little boy that had received his vaccianation and went into convulsions within twenty-four hours.  He was having hundreds of seizures a day and when we became acquainted with the father, the boy was down to a few a day after receiving so many oxygen treatments.  But one story that sticks out in my mind is a little boy whose chamber I walked by on the way to getting my son.  (A bed chamber kind of looks like a big tanning bed).  He was crawling back and forth, almost in a hyper very excited manner.  I turned to one of the technicians and asked what he was in there for (may sound rude to ask but once you’re down there, it’s almost like you’re a big family), and the tech said he had been a catatonic autistic child.  Oxygen had flipped the switch on in his brain.  This really works.  Like I said, we saw miracle after miracle down there.  Dr. Neubauer is excellent.  His most famous client (which was also one of his very good friends) is probably Edward Teller, the founder of the hydrogen bomb.  Edward Teller got oxygen therapy daily up until right before he died.  The reason he went in….just to keep his brain sharp!  We were told that an Arabian princess was receiving treatment there, Colonel Sanders from the Kentucky Fried Chicken food chain. 

I wish America would realize the invaluable tool the HBO is.  When we breathe regular air, my research has told me that we breathe only 17% oxygen.  To be able to breathe 100% oxygen is like a natural gift from God.  It makes so much sense that this would be a solution to so many problems. 

So what happened to my son?  Why was he fine the first couple of years and then everything went out?  I have a theory.  I requested all my transcripts from my delivery to see what had happened all those years before.  Turns out that my poor son was distressed since I had arrived at the hospital for induction.  The part I wrote about earlier where they rubbed his scalp?  Well, his heartbeat went from a healthy 136 to 60 for twelve minutes.  Those twelve minutes are what affected the rest of his life.  I believe this caused a predisposition in my son when he recieved his vaccinations.  I believe with each vaccination, heavy metals from the vaccine adhered to what oxygen was in the brain.  I am no scientist and can not prove this, but my mommy instinct tells me I am on the right track. 

I pray everyone who has the need to at least look into this.  This has changed my son’s whole life.  I hate to imagine what he would be like if not for those forty treatments.  The clinic’s website is


3 Responses to “The Cure For Autism????”

  1. Elaina Says:

    JoJo.. I am currently writing an article on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for children with autism. I have been on Dr. Neubaur’s Web site and have been researching the topic like crazy online. Maybe I could ask you a few questions, I would like to get a parent’s perspective. E-mail me at ******** Thanks

  2. bon bon Says:

    Dear Jo Jo,

    it’s touching to read your story. It seems that you are describing my son as well. Thanks for the info. I am doing a research on hyperbaric oxygen and came to find your blog. Two pediatric doctors diagnosed my son to have tourette syndrome. But as he grows older,(ow he’s almost 16), his family doctors say he does not have tourette. I use behavior modification therapy to help him when he’s in 3rd grade as he’s also a ADHD (mild form of ADHD). I have not used any medication on him. But now he’s almost 16, it’s difficult to convince him. Any suggestion? How’s old is your son?

  3. sheri Says:

    Hi Jo Jo,
    I was researching HBOT also, and found you. I have a friend who is coordinating the HBOT Symposium here on the West Coast. Here, let me find the link… Dr. Jolly even has a tribute to Dr. Neubauer on the front page. My son followed almost the exact same pattern as yours, but I always blamed his immunizations. All of my births were traumatic, though. This boy (of my 5 boys) is the most allergic than any of the others, so I deduced that he had a bad reaction to an immunization. He was never the same after that shot. He just learned to read at the age of 10, and he was excruciatingly intelligent before the age of 2. HBOT does hold so much hope for so many different ailments. Spread the word if you can, about he symposium, it is open to everyone. There will even be credits for medical personnel who attend! God bless you and your family.

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