One More Thing For Us Parents To Worry About

So I’m going to my favorite website ( and scanning the headlines when I see “Arizona Teen Becomes Sixth Victim This Year of Brain-Eating Amoeba”.  I immediately clicked on the headline to read the story and was shocked to find out that there is a little amoeba running around killing kids.  It’s called Naegleria.  It’s a tiny little organism that lives in still, warm water (such as warm lakes, ponds even swimming pools).  It goes up the nasal cavity and as the story states most times it can get up your nose from doing something as silly and fun as a cannonball.  But as it enters the nasal cavity it latches on up to the brain and literally eats your brains out.  How many memories do all of us have of swimming in ponds and lakes as kids?  All of us do.  Now I’m going to be a nutcase and never let my children go wading in any type of freshwater and when they ask why?  Do I scare them and tell them that there’s a brain-eating organism that lies in those waters waiting for a little kids nasal cavity to show up?  It sounds ridiculous but the reality is, 6 children have died so far this year.  The common symptoms are headache, stiff neck and fever.  Of course as I was reading this article my hypochondriac side burst through and I’m thinking to myself okay, I’m on day 3 of a headache and day 1 with a stiff neck.  Then I back track two weeks mentally wondering if I’ve been wading in any water lately.  Whew…I think I’m safe.  But let this be a warning for all parents.  Had I not read this article I surely wouldn’t have thought twice about letting the kids go for a dip in the creek etc.  Heck, now I’m rethinking the whole hot tub altogether. 


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