Today is the official start of the NFL season.  Which means, justifiable reasons for eating nachos, buffalo wings, more pizza than usual and all the other garbage that will put us into premature cardiac arrest.  This is the few hours a week where I KNOW my husband and I will actually be able to be in the same room together and not darting off to run errands, grocery shop, work, cook, round up children etc.  So those few hours I cherish very much.  Now, what makes it even more special is our beloved CHICAGO BEARS!!!  The Bears will take it this season.  I can feel it.  But poor Rex Grossman.  This guy gets more tongue lashings than a two year old in a china dish shop.  I happen to like Rex Grossman.  When he IS on, he’s awesome to watch.  I would definitely like to see him more on but that is just not the way he plays.  Not last year or during the pre-season.  If Lovie Smith would listen to my two cents, I would like to see Rex switched off with Brian Griese even amounts of time.  Griese is an awesome QB but unfortunately we see him on the sidelines and not playing.  He did great during the pre-season.  And when he did play last year, he was right on.  So Lovie, I love you, I admire your loyalty to Rex, but it’s time to share that quarterback spotlight on TWO great quarterbacks!  GO BEARS!!!!


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